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9 mars 1998 - 9 mars 2013 

Happy Birthday Cooper !  ( Gary Cooper )

 He loves me, Mom !

Yesterday, we celebrated our dog Cooper's 15th birthday.  When we bought him from you all those years ago, we knew that he would be a great dog, and that we would love him.  But Cooper exceeded our hopes.  He has been the sweetest most loving dog we've ever had.  John and I wanted to thank you once again.
                                                                                  Thanks to Family Kingery ! 


Ascott et  son maitre :
regards de complicité!

 Bentley  chez Sonia                                                     Ci -  dessous : Bentley a 10 ans !


             Amélie chez Max (9 ans)

              Glenn Miller et Moët et Chandon ( M.Pasche)